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Once you have completed the required documents found on the Important Documents page, the form(s) can be submitted via one of the following ways:

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PLEASE NOTE: This accident insurance is a supplemental or excess plan and is not meant to pay 100% of the bills. This is not and can never become a Major Medical Health Plan.
FULL EXCESS- Eligible covered expenses will be paid only if they are in excess of other valid and collectible insurance. You must submit your claim to all other insurance companies first. When you receive Explanation of Benefits Statement (EOB), send it, along with corresponding itemized bills from providers. Benefits for eligible expenses will be paid per Benefit Plan terms. STUDENT ACCIDENT CLAIM FORM (SACF) must be submitted within 90 days from the date of injury. Treatment must commence within 30 days from the date of injury by a licensed medical doctor. Each injury has a one-year (52 week) benefit period. Do not rely on the provider to file a claim for you. You are responsible for filing your claim form and all additional information. NO ADDITIONAL CLAIM FORM IS NECESSARY.